Pipeline and trouble shooting


–          The Caveman has been originally creating by using Zbrush (with details).

–          I’m still not happy with his hands and legs so I just use his head and torso to demonstrate this pipeline and trouble shooting section.

–          TOPOGUN:

  • Re-topology.
  • Save scene: OBJ as lowMesh.
  • Subdivision\Preferences:
    • Levels 5.
    • Compatibility: ZTL.
  • Click SubD.
  • Subdivision\Save: OBJ as highMesh.
  • Make sure that you save the scene and the obj in one folder so it will be easier for you to work on them.

–          UVlayout:

  • UV mapping the lowMesh of the model.
  • Remember to set the Map Rez: 2k
  • Bleed: 4 for packing.

–          ZBRUSH:

  • Import lowMesh into ZBrush.
  • Subdivide it 5 times (level 6).
  • Import highMesh into level 6.
  • If the mode doesn’t have UVmap, you can quickly create one here:
    • At level 1 (lowest level): Zplugin\UV Master\Unwrap.
  • We have the UV map with the model at this stage.
  • UV Map: check the UV map.
  • Add more details to the model.
  • Go back to the lowest level.
  • Normal Map:
    • Turn on Tangent, Adaptive, SmoothUV, SNormals.
    • Create normalMap.
    • Clone NM.
  • Texture\Flip V\Export Normal map as JPG.

–          MAYA:

  • Import lowMesh.
  • Press 3 to view in smooth mode.
  • Apply Lambert to it
  • Lambert\Common Material Attributes\Bump Mapping: file (to the normal map).
  • Make sure bump2d1\2d Bump Attributes\Use As: Tangent Space Normals.

–          Turn viewport 2.0 to see the result or render it out with mental ray.


– If your Zbrush model has to many polygons and you computer can not handle it, TopoGun will crash all the time. It’s better for you to decimate it before doing re-topology.

– in UVlayout, sometimes you have to move the individual points manually to help the program get rid of overlaps.

– Seam problems sometimes happen when you render it out with mental ray then you can play around with the normal Map options to find the most suitable option for your own character. If you can not fix it, then use PTEX. Hopefully I will learn it in next semester so I can show you how fix this issue.

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