Critical reflection


Modelling was not my priority I when I started this course. I used to think modelling was easy then I wanted to be an animator. I still like animation but modelling now takes most of my learning and practicing time, primarily with ZBrush and Mudbox, and I’m so happy with them.

I know I still have a long way go to with modelling because I’m still struggling to get used to its brushes and find the most effective way to use them but modelling, especially with ZBrush, more interesting to me now. Hours experimenting with sculpting tools no longer make me bored.

I’ve also learned about anatomy this year and it is really helpful for me in human sculpting.

According to Flor and Mongeon (2010, p.5):

To be a successful figurative sculptor, a fundamental knowledge of anatomy is required. In this case, anatomy refers to the skeleton, muscles, and skin and fat – also collectively known as surface anatomy.

With this subject, I’ve learned how to use different sculpting applications, import/exporting files with different formats and other applications in the pipeline. And below are some of my experiences I gained in this subject:

Planning the project:

Have a good plan to make sure you have adequate time for every task in the pipeline.

Gesture, Form and Proportion:

These three elements should be considered all time of sculpting.

According to Spencer (2010, p.3):

If each element is addressed in the sculpture, they combine to create a solid, effective sculpture. If any of these is omitted or addressed inadequately, the work as a whole suffers.

Time management:

Time is fleeting so you should stick with you plan to keep it on track. You should have started the project right after receiving the brief so you wouldn’t have to rush to the last minute to finish it. And I learn the rushing is never good for anything.

File management:

Keep all the files of the project organised in 1 root folder so you don’t have to waste your time on losing or locating files.


Flor, MDL & Mongeon, B 2010, Digital sculpting with mudbox, Elsevie Inc., Burlington, MA 01803, USA.

Spencer, S 2010, Zbrush digital sculpting human anatomy, Wiley Publishing Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana.

Note: According to the Harvard referencing system, the exact quotations above are supposed to be indented at the left and the font is one size smaller but it’s impossible do it in this blog.

Hence I chose “Block quote” for these quotations, at least they’re indented at the left.

Click here==> CRITICAL REFLECTION to see the the right reference format.

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