Overview of troubleshooting

Emitting Particles:

–          Issue:

  • How to emit particles when and where the object interacts with the water surface.

–          Troubleshooting:

  • Using toon outline to create the cheap particle emitter.

Creating the intersection curve:

–          Issue:

  • Unable to create the intersection curve between the water surface and the object.

–          Troubleshooting:

  • Create a new polygon plane and apply the ocean displacement to it. Then convert the displacement to polygon with history.


–          Issue:

  • Mental Ray render doesn’t understand the colour system when you add it to the particles.

–          Troubleshooting:

  • Use Maya Hardware render instead of mental ray to render the particles then we will composite them with water sequences in nuke. This is the best way because we can have a full control to work on the colour of the particles in Nuke.
  • Another way is that you can apply a shader to the particles so they can be rendered out. But this way will take longer rendering time.

Displacement Nodes:





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