Caveman – Inspiration for model



Idea and inspiration for model

A stock character in the early prehistoric with a stylized look would be great for modelling.

I love the stylized characters who try to look cool, grumpy and unfriendly outside but whe you look at them, you can tell that they are not that. They  are shy, kind, friendly and a bit silly inside. They really make me smile when I look at them so I’ve started modelling my character with all those characteristics in him.I call him Caveman.

This is my concept drawing of him:



– man, around 30 years old.

– Small forehead.

– Bushy eyebrows.

– Big jaw.

– Small ears.

– Big shoulders, arms, body but has small legs.

– Wearing gloves and socks.

– He may be very good hunter but very bad at treating people.

– He try to show that he’s strong, cool, grumpy but you can tell that there’s  something funny and clumsy about him like his legs are small and thin. They are far different from his upper body part. They clearly don’t suit his upper body part but they are the most important part to stylize him, to make him look like a child in an adult body.

This character is inspired by the combination of the following references I found on the net:

Scared Cavemen

Cthoman, 2011, Scared Cavemen, GL Stock Images, viewed 19 April 2012,


 caveman with a club

Antonbrand, 2011, Cartoon Caveman With A Club, GL Stock Images, viewed 19 April 2012,



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